• Jagruthi Maddela

Five Apps to Minimize Stress

Stress has it’s way of creeping up on us ever so often, that we fail to even recognize it sometimes. While going on a vacation or a spa treatment sound great, I figured I need to develop a daily routine to help deal with everyday stress sustainably. These are a couple of apps that have helped me stay calm and clear-headed.

  1. Google Fit:

If you’re an Android user looking to invest in a smart watch primarily to use it as a pedometer, consider using this app first. It’s free, and helps you track your daily step-goal.

Cool feature: It shows you how active you were in comparison to other Google Fit users. My personal best is 96% more active than the rest of Hyderabad. *insert smug face*[1]
  1. HealthifyMe:

This is a no-nonsense app to track your macros, especially for desi foods. It syncs with Google Fit or any fitness wearable you use to track workouts, water intake and basically maintains a digital diary of your fitness journey.

Cool Feature: Super-encouraging notifications. You need this kinda hype in your life!

  1. Forest:

We all know there’s nothing new on social media sites, yet find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through them, multiple times during the day. Forest helps minimize the habit of compulsively checking your phone,  by gamifying the whole process. 

Cool feature: You collect reward points every time you put your phone down for a set period, making it feel like a game.


  1. Calm:

This is a total “meditation for dummies” kind of an app with guided meditation routines, sleep stories and ambient music.

Cool Feature: Super-helpful guidance during short sessions – ideal for beginners. If your mind is a monkey like mine, you need this![1]
  1. Ambience:

I was amazed at the selection of sounds this app has, ranging from rain, waves, Asian and western musical instruments and even binaural beats! You can mix and match the sounds according to your mood.

Cool Feature: Transforms your space to sound like a beach, or a spa, instantly putting you in a good mood.[1]

Overall, I used apps to help track my exercise, diet and mindfulness, thereby keeping my stress levels on check. They’ve helped me stay calmer even on hectic days. Here’s to less-stressful, happier days!

Love and good vibes,


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